Stay blessed!‏

Dear beloved in Christ,

I hope that you take the time and consider this letter of proposal. I come openly to you with one intention and this to help the well-being of mankind and the newcomers of our future generations. I come to you with a belief that this world can be saved if we all add our efforts in one accordance to spread the wealth round all nations and to form unity; irrespective of race, religion, gender, or origin; To be one family in the Lord and to be thankful for every moment we share with one another because it may well be our last. Mine is such a tale which I will not rest until fulfillments of my plans are achieved as time to go is near.

Having being diagnosed with Cervical Cancer and with Doctors, here in Norway, saying that the cancer has spread drastically and chemotherapy is all that can be done. My faith is sealed, knowing well that we all shall die someday and depart the surface of this earth. But I strongly believe that even though my time is short; I can still make another person’s life worth every minute in fulfillment of their dreams, aspirations and desires of coming into this world of narcissism.

I have utilized my final days in spreading my family's wealth around to welfare homes and individuals, until now. My health has worsened and is failing me at this point in time, thus, I cannot do this anymore due to my critical health condition. So, I have decided to look up the chamber of commerce in the pursuit of someone who would be reliable and willing to continue, from where I will stop, in good faith. On the other hand, I know you would be wondering why didn't I contact the charities myself, but my experiences in the past have made me learn that if you put all your eggs in one basket, they would definitely all get squashed. I feel that there is a need to spread the wealth around, and distribute it fairly amongst places that need it most, especially during an economic recession where access to capital is slow and deterring.

With you being informed of my situation if I have managed to touch your heart in a way that you are ready to uptake such responsibility in devising a solution to the helpless then please do consider me. If you are a believer in unity and have the enthusiasm and drive to work hard to provide a better life for the less privileged then please feel free to contact me. having said this, I hope that you do not fail to realize the actualization that your conscience should tell you that you are not doing this for me; nor for yourself, but for the love, benefit and better cause of mankind and the misfortunate; the misguided, the motherless babies, and the orphans with no family, parents or hope. You will take key role in funding strategies and missionary projects.

I will be keeping my fingers crossed until I get to read from you so as to enable me empower you fully to take charge, but the decision is yours and yours only to make.

Remain Blessed!

Ms Aamira Mehrzad


  1. I received the same e-mail today. I have just been through chemo and radiation for breast cancer and had the all clear today. I am disgusted that someone could even think of using cancer as a con, they cannot have been touched by it in their life. You know how the saying goes though, "What goes around comes around."

  2. I received the same email (word-for-word) from Mrs. Debbie Campbell on 12/24/12.