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We have a P/T Consumer survey job for you which you will be given $220 Per survey & we would like you to participate. The benefit of this job is that it is variable and can fit all working schedules and this position is free as and it does not require any fee

Your Identity would be kept confidential as the job states and you will be given $220 for each survey carried out. Additional cash would be given to you if you have to dine as part of the duty also transportation extra will be given to you on each duty.

Your job is just to act like any regular customer & perform a normal business transaction while you conduct a simple survey. As our concealed surveyor you will get $220 to conduct a Simple Survey and provide valuable Customer Service Feedback to us. If interested, send the information below

Full Name:
Street Address: [ No P.O Box Address ]
Zip Code:
Phone Number:
Alternate Email Address:

Once again this job availability is free as you are not required any fee.

Best Regards,
Dr. Ryan Johnson
H.R Officer/Evaluator Consultant
M.S.P.A Association Copyright 2013.

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  1. Thanks for posting this on your blog. Although I knew it sounded "scammy" I copied/pasted some text into Google, and there it was. Thanks for being on the ball and helping others by posting such info on your blog. Namaste.

  2. Thanks for posting this on your blog. Although I seemed "scammy" I copied/pasted Dr. Ryan Johnson text into Google, and popped up your blog. Thanks for being on the ball and helping others !!

  3. I got the same thing. Too good to be real.

  4. Good looking out! There are so many scams out there, but thankfully they are just many good people that will warn those who take the time to do a little research on the offer before diving in. Thank you!

  5. I received this scam over the weekend. Glad it was posted online as a scam!

  6. I made over $500 as a secret shopper through this company!

    just kidding, total scam.

  7. Thank you for posting the scam seems to be circulating all over! Identity theft gone mad!

  8. I got the same email Thu, Jul 4, 2013 2:37 pm

    Thanks for the heads up!

  9. I am currently awaiting a check in the mail from this company so that I can begin the process of reporting their activities to local law enforcement. I knew something was wrong when I received their shopping list and detailed instructions. This is a great service notifying the public of the erroneous activities of scammers!

  10. I just got one also, thanks for your posting. Has anyone sent this to the Feds? Oh yeah.. they already have it, NSA... shame they couldn't stop them. Thanks cma

  11. I just received on as well, thank you so much for posting this and warning everyone...appreciate it!

  12. Thank you so much for your posting. My sister and I use to do mystery shopping so when I got this email I forwarded it on to a friend. I didn't know it was a scam until I hadn't sent my friend the address or number and he ask me what it was. I couldn't find the email anymore so i googled it and it was the first scam tha came up..

  13. I took their check to my local law enforcement. Not sure anything will come of it.


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