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Location: any within the USA

Vacancy: part-time, work from home

About our company:

We are an experienced financial service provider, our company holds a leader's position in the field of investment and online payments in many financial markets throughout the world. Our head office is located in London, UK, we are developing rapidly in the Eastern and Western Europe, and in the near future, we plan to open a representative office in the United States of America.
Our customers appreciate the professionalism, high quality of provided services and a wide range of services provided by us throughout the world.
If you reside in the USA, you are talented, experienced, and responsible then you are exactly the person we are looking for!

General description of work:

You will be officially employed by our regional representative in the United States of America. Your responsibilities will include support of our financial department. All tasks will be carried out from the comfort of your home and it will take no more than 15-20 hours a week.
Your tasks will include: supervising the financial activities of our customers and ensuring that all the transactions go through. Your responsibilities will also include correspondence via e-mail, making phone calls and reporting.

Candidates for the position must meet the following requirements:
- Data entry skills;
- Experience with the Microsoft Office suite;
- Oral and written communication skills;
- Attention to details, self-organization;
- Stress tolerance and problem solving skills;
- Clear criminal record.

In return, we offer:
- Attractive salary plus bonuses;
- Flexible working hours;

- Online training and support center.

We are confident that our environment, flexible demands, and excellent salary will be of interest to you. The choice must be made now.

To apply, please reply to this email and we will get in touch with you shortly.


  1. I also received it word for word...

    From: Windle Carmela
    Sent: Aug 12th, 2013 @ 2:34 PM (18 hours ago)

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