Dear Friend,

Thank you for your support from Wholesale-dress.net in the past.

But I forgot to do something (for YOU) that I should have done.

Here is what I'm talking about…

Every holiday,we have a range of special deals for our customers… and they all love it.

What do we do?

We select all the best products and cut their already low prices further by30% (across the entire selection) on our Website: http://t.cn/z8Je38T

to let our customers enjoy the special buying privilege!

Here comes my fault. Let me confess…

You are on my best customer list…But I have been forgetting to give you access to this special SECRET page (due to our “stupid” way of managing email lists, I would admit).

To make it up for you, I have selected the best of the best products and taken prices down which meansyou will be able to save up to 80% off retail prices.
I hope you can now forgive me.

Best Regards

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