Barrister Alan Wilford And Associates.
33 Catherine Place,
London SW1E 6DY.
United Kingdom.

Dear Beneficiary,
I once again i try to notify you as my earlier letter was returned undelivered.
I hereby attempt to reach you again by this same email
address on the WILL. I wish to notify you that late Mr. Rims Hillard made
you a beneficiary in his WILL. He left the sum of Thirty Million
Dollars($30,000.000.00 US Dollars) to you in the Codicil and last
testament to his WILL.
This may sound strange and unbelievable to you, but it is real and
true.Being a widely traveled man, he said he met you sometime in
past. Mr. Rims Hillard until his
death was a member of the Helicopter Society and the
Institute of Electronic & Electrical Engineers.
He was a very dedicated man who loved to give out aids to the poor,hungry
and needy. His great philanthropy earned him numerous awards during his life time.
Late Mr. Rims Hillard died on the 13th day of December,2011 at the of 75 years,
and his WILL is now ready for execution after 3 years and thorough investigations.
According to him, this money is to support your humanitarian/medical
activities and to help the poor and the needy in our society. Please
if I reach you as I am hopeful, endeavor to get back to me as soon
as possible to enable me conclude my job. I hope to hear from you in
no distant time.
I await your prompt response and please keep this very discrete and to
yourself until the transfer of the funds to you is finalized.
Yours in Service,
Barrister Alan Wilford.



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