Attn Pls

This is to inform you that your fund which you have been Processing for
some period of years is coming through a Diplomatic means this year 2014,
to your door steps in cash, From World Bank Auditor in London (World Bank
Auditor) we advise you forward to us your info to this Department office,
your full name and home address, and your Telephone number also where you
want the consignment to be Delivered, and also your International Passport
or Drivers' License for Identification.

As soon as we receive this information required from you the Consignment
briefcase of US$1.950,000,00 will be forwarded to you immediately and the
date of our official arriving in your Country will be given to you also.
Do let us know if you want the fund to come in cash or ban
uzo_king: bank transfer to your bank account.
We wait your reply.
Dr.Izaka Ali

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