and anything from pat walker

I have personally received hundreds/thousands of emails from this twat.
And, really? Sending them all from the same email, is like... stupid?
The nice thing about it is that banning only one email address will block thousands of spam emails.
These are more like advertisements, examples below (and this is just a SMALL sample)

(Message headers)
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Exclusive Credit Card Invitation Enclosed‏
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Grab a $500 Gift Card from Kohls‏
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Find Online Programs from Top Schools‏

I'm sure you get the idea, it's just stupid shit that doesn't have a right to your inbox.


  1. its a "lady" who lives in Cornelius and works in Hillsboro who has nothing to do at work but to do this ,she weighs 450lbs(REALLY) you ve either worked with her or for her. Maybe your neighbor? you irritated her ,And that's not her real name.

    I've received more and the list continues....:(

  2. I am SO SORRY I did not mean to upset anyone, Pat Walker is my real name, I am involved in a legit marketing firm. I can give you the web address if you would like to gain employment. It is a great opportunity. We make great money here, I made over $600k last week alone just by clicking my mouse and sending a few emails. Anyway if you would like to work with me, let me know. Please leave out my weight, how you think you know that is incorrect. I am a fit young lady and I have my picking of young men. I hold a good number of relationships, and with my income, many men are wnating to get with me. I work off my boat and cruise around the world.. all by sending just a couple emails a week. Thanks for your interest in employment with POscOP LLC; if you would like to gain employment, and send, max one or two emails a month, like I said, just let me know. own a boat in less than a month.. see you soon co worker :)

    1. If you only send 1-2 emails a month how come I get 3 or 4 every day?

    2. Why would you reply on this page if you arent a you reply to all the thousands of reports about you on all the other scam pages? The Lord will take care of this when its your time unless Karma takes care of ya first....shes a bitch! Just ask my exwife!!!!LMBO

  3. Somebody needs to report this to the authorities.

    1. I report every email to the US Dept of Treasury that handles money scams on the internet. I get several a day from this person. She claims she holds a good number of relationships which tells me she is not an honest person...cheater and a scam!!! Most people dont think and realize that the Lord will take care of this when its their time IF mother Karma dont do it sooner!

  4. I keep forwarding spam emails to hoping they will do something.

  5. LOL 600k in a week? You're a stupid fat bitch

  6. $89.00 a month for rent get real stop scamming people and get a life

  7. Im sick of getting the emails from who ever you are.........

  8. Mine was just 'a message to (my email name)s family'
    Like sure, why wouldn't I click it smh

  9. I blocked the emails using the domain name in MSN. The sender ID was a random ever changing combination of letters so there were multiples and in general a large number of spam emails sent. Finally they are blocked from this user and I continue to add domain info to stop others.

  10. funny that EVERYONE is anonymous around here I suppose I would try to be IF I knew how 2 do that lol
    just figured it out
    I wish that she was on level I could use many of her services

  11. I set up a rule in Outlook for all emails from to be deleted on receipt. This isn't working and I am still getting these emails sent to my junk mail folder. MS is as much to blame for their dysfunctional rules function

    1. Yah, I've noticed they have somewhat shit filters that aren't easy to set up. I finally got one to work, but it wasn't an option in their settings, you had to set it up directly from the inbox folder, it was a rule option - can't remember if you had to right click on the email or something stupid like that. Fuck if I know why they don't just have that option in their filter options like the rest of the filter options. I think they make things as annoying as possible on purpose.

    2. I really think this is from Outlook itself, that is why it could not be blocked. they want you to update and pay 20 bucks per month for no-ads upgrade.

  12. MSN/hotmail/ - just block this sender on all systems

  13. Yes well I find it very strange that I got several about Personal Information Leaked and Identity Repair and then I got a really strange one in the middle of them all saying from
    in the address area, which also showed me this address when I glided over "book" in my hotmail box -

    the subject was - pencil

    and there was no message or is there??? Seems Cryptic

  14. Got one from Barbara Matson with a reply to on my yahoo account saying I won 800k outlook sweepstakes. LOL !

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