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from: Protect Your Family (info@1und1.de)

Hello (your name) Protect your family from Sexual Predators. Warning neighborhood safety alert!! A child goes missing every 40 seconds* are your kids in danger of child predators? Locate sex offenders in your neighborhood. Search now. Missing child poster. NOTE: The website you are about to access contains actual sex offender information. Please use extreme caution when utilizing this service.

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My GRIPES  - from the blogger
  1. This ad is informing you there are pedophiles in your area and you should beware when in fact there may be no pedophiles whatsoever. So it is fear-mongering.
  2. The ad implies that if you are aware of sexual predators that you are therefore protected against them. Fucking retarded. Being aware of a problem does not mean you are protected from it.
  3. Most children are sexually assaulted (IF they are) by someone close to them. Like friendly uncle Bob or whatever. Not the dude down the street who had sex with a 17 year old when he was 18 and now has to register for the rest of his life as a pedophile.
  4. One quarter of the children that go missing each year were abducted by a family member, like your ex-wife who didn't get custody so runs off with the kid.
  5. The sex offenders who register and you therefore know about are the LAST people you should be worried about. Think about the ones who refuse to register. Think about the psychopaths that have never been caught. Think about that super friendly relative you have. Think about your spouse, your babysitter, your other children, etc. These are the people more likely to assault your child. 90% of rapes under 12 years old were from these people, but if you want to freak out more about that new neighbor down the street, be my freaking guest, dumb-ass.
  6. Most rape victims are over the age of 18.
  7. I would go on, but I think I've made my point. I hate these emails. I don't care about registered sex offenders. If they're registering, they're doing what they're supposed to do and working their way towards getting their life back. I'm more concerned about the 20-year-old morons in the apartment beneath me who, from the smell, are probably cooking drugs in the middle of the night. That's what I'm worried about. Screw the registry, I will never check it.

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