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I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to tell you about a great job opp. in your locality. We have had several of our members take this opp & I am getting some perfect success stories.

The paper has story featuring one of our clients, Kelly R.. It will also provide you all the info you need to get started. The link is http://digg.com/u1WA2d and I think the article will be on the hone page until tomorrow.

Talk to you later

Best wishes
Andrew Spencers

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  1. I received this message too and i also notice that this message attempt to spread using my email account. ""

    From: MyName
    Subject: RE: FW: Hola!
    To: "MyFriendsMail@Yahoo.com" , etc.

    was it a virus?

  2. It seems that I sent these mails to friends from my gmx account. I have no idea where they get the emailaccounts of my friends. They used more than 8 year old adresses. These adresses aren't saved on my computer. No idea how this works.

    1. Basically you have re-used your email password on a scam or hacked website and the people running that website have used your password to read your email and send their email. The solution is to change your email password and deny the scammers access to your email. They may be harvesting financial information from your email. For instance they can obtain your Amazon user name from your acknowledgement email from Amazon when you registered with Amazon and then “fancy that what a co-incidence” you have used that same password for Amazon as your email. Then the hackers use your re-used password to take control of your Amazon account.

      Have you considered using different passwords for the bank, and another for email and another password for any other website for instance www.ancestry.co.uk. Or do you share your email and bank password with every tom dick and harry on the internet?

    2. The scammers read your friends email addresses from your email. They have your email password and use it to login to your email. Then they use your email to send spam that appears as if it is from you. Your friends are confused and surprised at your unusually recommendations and wonder why you send these emails.