2011/2012 IFC PROGRAM‏


This is to inform you that International Finance Corporation has commenced our 2011 loan/business funding offer.The International Finance Corporation Loan Program is giving out between One million to Twenty Million US Dollars each qualified applicants from all over the world who can utilize these funds positively on small and large scale business that creat job opportunities, and have it returned within 10years. This loan is offered at no interest rate, To apply contact our UK Resource Manager below

Agent Name: Ms.Margaret Hillman
Tel: +44 7035 969 239
Tel: +44 7040 902 998
Fax: +44 7039 400 239

Moazzam Ahmed
International Finance Corporation

From name: International Finance Corporation
From address: ahmeds@ifc.org
Sender IP:, Sweden

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  1. Moazzam Ahmed does appear to be a legitimate person in the International Finance Corporation though?