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I've been dying (to m/ake something for you for a long time. I hope y;ou !like it!
0pen your eLove (Card/

From name: granny
From address:
IP:, Greece
Saying you're a message from my granny, that's just low.
Hidden text in message:
I'll be an engin(eer /as a contractor Event Sales Mana(ger /for the Health & Nutrition Network for VIRGO Pu;bli!shing and ,the SupplySide Trade Shows TrendyRolstoelen(.nl /is een site waar je overzichtelijk de mooiste r;ols!toelen kun,t kopen.<br>3speciaal voor jongeren_<!br>6sport rolstoelen<br>5financiering mogelijk<
I like to think it's a spy code.

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