State- Advance approval accepted‏

From: 365 Day Loans Date: 12/18/2012
Amount: 1500.00

Subject: Advance Approval Accepted
We are pleased to inform you that an advance amount of $1500.00 can
be approved. The funds can be available by this afternoon or early evening.

To obtain this advance, please use this link for acceptance.

Get started now This approval notice will be ending shortly.

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  1. my earlier post failed to remind you to always enter the unsubscribe addresses minus a organization or other entity and do not ad, apt number or suite number and you will find almost everytime it will come back to some type of mailbox service google map can show location and picture of the street view. most oof these places for an additional fee will forward the mail received to a box, anywhere in the world. there are tons of these places in nevada. once an unsubscribe address came back to a prison. either way, by clicking on or mailing to the address, they get your information, especially the ones who play on your greed and offer free gift cards or other free products. be vigilant and carful. we can not stop them all, but we can stop or slow down a few. i hope this helps at least one person. if each one of us help just one person and we all pass it on, we can make a big difference. wishing you all well and much success.