I am Mr.Jerry Howard.

The auditor and head of computing department of Royal Bank of Scotland Branch here in United Kingdom.

There is an account opened in this bank in 2003 and since my inception into office on 4th Jan 2013,I found this account and investigated deeply trying to contact the assigned next of kin and could not locate him or her. I also found that the depositor of this funds was an American who lived in London for over 63 Years. Nobody has operated on this account again after 2004. I took the courage to look for a reliable and honest person who will be capable for this important claim In order to transfer out $20.2 (Twenty Million Two Hundred U.S Dollars). After going through some old files, I discovered that if I do not Remit this money out urgently, it would be forfeited for nothing and the Royal Bank of Scotland management will divert the funds to their own accounts.

Please respond immediately I will use my position and influence to effect the legal approval and onward transfer of this funds into your account with appropriate clearance from foreign payment department. You will stand to get 50% while 50% will be for me. Kindly quote the reference (acct) numbers above when responding to this mail.

I will fill you in with further details upon your reply .

Sincerely yours,
Mr.Jerry Howard.

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