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Greetings to you.

I am JOHN MONK the regional manager Sharp Loan Financial Company. Do
you need a loan to Enhance your business? Loan to Consolidate your Debt?
Loan for personal uses? Loan for credit Card? Medical Care loan? Car
Loan? Mortgage Loan?

We customize Financial Solutions for a selected group of client's and
investors. We offer loans at 3% Interest rate per annum. the Minimum
amount to borrow is 20,000euro Maximum of 10,000,000.00euro.

If you need any of the above loan kindly do contact us QUICKLY with the
following email address: ( sharploaninvestment@mail2madrid.com )

Best Regards,


  1. Dear John Monk,

    WOW! Is this our lucky day of what? I AM a business owner in need of a loan to enhance my business and was just thinking this morning what a smart business move it would be to respond to a randomly sent email from an institution I know absolutely nothing about to open dialogue with a complete stranger. So, please respond back today and tell me exactly what personal and sensitive information you need to start stealing absolutely everything I own.

  2. Dear John Monk,

    Thank you for your solicitation. As a matter of fact, I believe I DO need to enhance my business.
    Here's the situation: My partner of many years now has recently expressed disappointment in how my business is performing lately and it has been suggested that perhaps I needed to pursue some form of enhancement of my business to keep my business operating at peak performance and to perhaps expand it some.
    Now, I did suggest that my partner should consider offering up some ideas. Try new and creative things. Perhaps even take the lead once in awhile and just surprise me with something kinda crazy and different. I assured my partner that I can be surprisingly open minded in matters that concern my business and am perfectly willing to try new and exciting things. Alas, my partner seems a bit reticent to follow through with this course of action and can be a bit inhibited in such matters. This has admittedly always been a problem in our partnership.
    I will confess, Mr. Monk, that some years ago, I considered taking my business to a younger more willing partner, perhaps even bringing this new partner in as a silent partner that my current partner would never know about. However, I eventually decided against this as this would be a very unfaithful thing to do to my long time partner and- should said partner find out about the silent partner- it would completely destroy our partnership and could effect my ability to do business for the long term.
    Another possibility I have wanted to bring up to my partner, is to try something really crazy and bring in a 3rd partner we could both agree upon. I thought it might just bring a little excitement into our partnership, not to mention allow my business to go into new and exciting places. But, I just don't know how to bring this up to my partner without looking like a complete @55&!3 and potentially damaging our partnership permanently.
    So, Mr. Monk, I think the best course of action at this time would be to take out that loan you're offering to enhance my business and see where that takes things.

    Let me know what you need.



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