Re: Mrs Paula Wilkins Coe Said You Passed Away,Please Confirm Thanks.‏

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Happy New Year,

Please i want to reconfirm if what Mrs Paula Wilkins Coe told me is true,She said you have ordered her to claim your compensation check worth $750,000.00 left for you by IMF and United Nation's and deposit it into this Bank account stated below:

Bank Name: Charter Oak Federal Credit Union

Acct Name: Paula Wilkins Coe

Account Number:4375836

Routing Number: 211176998

Bank Address: Pikeville North Carolina USA.

Mrs Paula Wilkins Coe you have passed away and before then you name her as your beneficiary next of Kin.Please if your really their respond back to know if i will proceed with her request to release the fund on her behalf.If i don't get any response i assume what she is saying is true.Also attached is a copy of her ID may be you might know her by face.

Your's in service.

Barrister Mrs Jing Park Esq

The Kung Legal Group and Law Chambers Bangkok, Thailand.


  1. Thanks for the warning, I've just gotten one exactly the same myself. Google put it in Spam but I wanted to know about their front so went and searched for the sender's email address (Barrister Mrs Jing Park Esq which is valid and consequently a stolen identity

  2. I got the same email. Thanks for the warning.

  3. Paula Wilkins Coe of Pikeville gets around. She is on the same list as me to receive a few millions from a Nigerian inheritance.