All expenses paid Releasing of your long awaiting funds‏

This is to inform you that World Bank have assigned a private financier that will assist financially to take
care of the amount required as to facilitate the release of your approved funds which is still on hold through
Royal Bank Of Scotland Bank reflection outgoing server.
Due to your financial weakness the United Nation & World Bank Bank Mass Assisted Project arranged the
services of a private financier to help in making your transaction to become Success without delay, so you
are highly advised to comply with all the given instructions so that the financier can release his deposit to
you in order for you to offset the fee for the issuance of all the needed Certificates that will enable you to
receive your long awaited funds.
According to U.N agreement with the financier: Beneficiary Protection Act: Which means the financier is
meant to raise all the necessary upfront expenses for the processing of the necessary documentations on
your behalf as to enable the reflection of your approved funds into your designated Account, you will not be
required to pay any fee or send your hard earn money to any one.
My directives must be followed, in order not to jeopardize my effort in making this transaction a success once
and for all this time and be informed that the Loan that would be released to you by the Financier will be used
ONLY to take care of the required Certificate that will be issued on your name by the Authority.
Note:The Financier will charge you 5% of your total sum as his commission, which would be paid to him only
when you confirm the reflection of your funds USD11,900,000.00 into your designated Bank A/c, this option is
safer and reliable, this I presumed will solve the problem of doubt of loosing your money i guess this alternative
is better, You are to reconfirm your details as follow.
AGE ..............
Below is the contact Name & Email Address of the World Bank Special Rep To United Nation (U.N) 26th Floor
New York, NY 10017 USA. Further instruction would be given to you by Joel R Valcourt on how to contact the
Financier that will take care of every upfront fee to get your fund release to you this week.
Tel: (347) 349-4955
Contact Name: Joel R Valcourt.
World Bank Special Rep To U.N.
I believe you will surely compensate my effort at the end of this transaction.
Please confirm the receipt of this important message so that we can move further to complete this project with
the assistance of the approved financier.
Yours Faithfully,

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