Your PC Has 492 Critical Errors - Fix Now!‏ (from email:

link: Critical PC Error Alert: Microsoft Updates Required
directs you to:
Never visit a website that looks like that. Search says it belongs to Africa but is saying it doesn't exist. Hello, massive scale of scammyness.

Just found another one, totally different... equally annoying, from the exact same email address.
See, they need to send you several in order to make sure one of them gets through to you - the ignorant mark.

Subject header: Mom Turns $97 Into $7397‏
Also from

Just found yet another one...
Subject header: Reminder: Check Status For Student Loan Forgiveness‏
Also from this patwalker douche

Note that these emails are posted as images so that it is difficult to do searches for them being scams. This will happen a lot for this sort of thing.
Also note that the unsubscribe links and addresses are totally different for each email, which means the actual sender will not be the one contacted if you want to unsubscribe.

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