Faculty staff and student email update.?

From: Laurel Lebar

Dear mailbox user.

Summer break regular scheduled system maintenance will be performed today, beginning at midnight. All systems, including intranet, internet access, wireless, email, webmail, VPN, etc may be unavailable for all or part of that period. Please Click here on outlook web access and Login to keep your information's safe/saved while this on-going maintenance is processed.

The 2015 maintenance schedule and features are stated below.
.High speed mail delivery
.Unlimited Quota
.Active anti-spam spyware
.New display features
Please note that,this update is compulsory to all staff and student of this institution and please kindly forward this message to all your friends and groups on your mailbox.

NOTE: Your account will be inactive and cannot send or receive messages in less than 24hours,if information's are not kept safe.

On behalf of IT, this IT Alert Notification was brought to you by the Help Desk in the Customer Support Department. This is a group email account and its been monitored 24/7, therefore, please do not ignore this notification, because its very compulsory.

Admin Service.

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