from Lv Bo;

Dear Mr.(your last name),

I am interested in setting up a private investment with you and I need your acknowledgement to this request.

By the way of introduction: I am Lv Bo, Vice President & Party Leadership Group Member of China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC).

I am writing you with open mindset to discuss the possibility of investment cooperation with you and I am keen to furnish you with the appropriate details of my investment plan upon receiving your response.

Moreover, I want out business together to be carried out legally and transparently.

Looking forward to your response.


Lv Bo
Vice President, Party
Leadership Group Member-CNOOC


  1. I received exactly the same e-mail on Sep. 15, 2015

  2. same here. I received exactly the same e-mail few months back.

  3. 100% a scam. Cambodia seems to be the centre of operations.