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Earth Trade Company is a global consumer goods company providing a broad range of goods that improve the lives of their consumers every day. The company's products and services are designed to increase productivity and profit amount, while offering top quality, safety and total consumer's satisfaction.
They are looking for a productive Procurement Manager to monitor their Purchasing department.

Duties: This list of responsibilities is not all inclusive and may be multiplied to include other tasks, as management may consider necessary from time to time.
- Establish relationships with vendors for the purchase of equipment for company's projects. Discuss with vendors for best possible solution and reserved solutions keeping company business objectives. This includes negotiating price, specifications, inventory management, time frame, delay, delivery term, etc.
- Supervise vendor fulfillment and submit new purchase.
- Review prices and request for proposals.
- Buy outfit and products indicated from vendors at the optimal total price. Issue accurate purchase orders report.
- Obtain, register, and process all incoming stuff, inventory for customer.
- Control the vendor manager to ensure right materials are sent out and properly accounted for.
- Audit receipts of delivery. View and process packing slips from vendors related to products. Work closely with accounting supervisor with regard to freight, and mismatches.
- Agree with shipping department for shipment of goods from sale to distribution department.

Requirements: To carry out this work successfully, an applicant must be able to have each necessary duty satisfactorily. The abilities stated below are required.
- Ability to lead, instigate and empower the company's team to best levels of performance.
- Ability to communicate effectively under pressure.
- Must be proficiency in computer, especially in MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook).
- Must be a strong work ethic, must be positive.
- Must have strong business writing skills.
- Must be able to improve performance.
- Valid driver's license is necessary.
- Quick and regular respond.

Post is performed using a wide variety of standard office stuff, such as a computer, calculator, phone, FAX, scanner, printer, and voicemail. Post is also performed in a shipping and receiving procedures.
To find out more, please response to present email address with or without your resume and salary requirements.
Only individuals with the indicated experience will be considered. All individuals for this job must be a U.S. Person. All applicants must be 21 years of age or older.

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This company doesn't exist anywhere that I can tell.

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