The Money To Be Paid Into Your Bank Account‏

Don’t see this message as a scam or one of those stories on the Internet. I am Abdo Hussameldin the former Deputy Oil Minister of Syria and I decided to defects to protest Assad crackdown on innocent civilians and crime against humanity that was committed by the Syrian regime hence I decided not to be part of this.

Am contacting you in a good faith that my interest will be protected and we must keep this proposal to yourself. During my service I was able to secure $10.5Million which I got through over invoice and I will like to invest this fund in your country if you are going to assure me safety of the fund.

Please kindly get back to me with your details if you are interested with full name, address and cell phone number and view the website stated below so that you will know more about me.

Please kindly reply me on this email:

Yours sincerely,

Mr.Abdo Hussameldin.

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