IRS debt cancellation notice‏

Notice: (removed)

Tax Revision Offer
State Code : 0166

Contact Number: (1-800) 494-1178

Issuer: Tax Specialist

City State, Postal Code

Representative Michael Baker

If your tax debt has been resolved please disregard this email

Date: January 04, 2013

Personal ID Number: (removed)


Since we last spoke, the IRS has passed several new programs to help
tax payers. Many of our clients have already taken advantage of these programs
and were able to reduce their debt up to 90%.

We can stop all collection actions such as wage garnishments, all levies and

seizures as soon as 24 hours.

Call me toll free at (800) 494-1178 M-F 7am - 6pm


Michael Baker

We are Ideal Tax Solution, your Collection Defense Specialist. We speak IRS fluently and deal directly with your tax issues.
Visit us online at

This offer is for consumers who have $10,000 or more in state of federal back taxes owed to the IRS or state agency. This offer is not being sent to you by the IRS or any other sate agency. This program is not part of a government agency we are, Ideal Tax Solution. This program is not in any way being offered by a government agency, or designed to appear as if it is coming from an agency of the government. Fees are retained for your IRS Debt Resolution Services only. Our CPA's, EA’s, are paid licensed attorneys who specialize in tax resolution and we investigate and resolve on your behalf with the IRS and/or state agency to ensure the best resolution is achieved for you. Please read all contract terms and conditions carefully prior to enrollment. The information about your tax debt was obtained through public records. If your tax issue has been resolved please disregard this offer and select the "unsubscribe" button below.

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