Your Xoom Money Tranfer Transaction Blocked- Verify Your Account‏

Dear Customer,


Your xoom account access has been temporarily suspended. For security reasons, you are required to validate your profile via our website below.

Thank you & have a good day ahead!
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Xoom Customer Service Team

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  1. I am getting emails like the one above twice a day - were you able to make it stop? I have tried filters, blocking - nothing has worked yet.

    1. I only ever got one of them...

  2. I have been receiving them every now and then. I don't even have a Xoom account, so I knew right away it was a scam.

  3. I also received an e-mail from them

    Dear Value Customer,
    We Detected Unsucessful Transfer Transaction on your Xoom Account on Febuary-10-2014 from IP Address :, Location: Metro Manila and your Xoom Account is Temporary Blocked.

    For your protection, you must verify and complete our security update activity before you can continue enjoying our business solution.

    We suggest for you to participate in our highest level of security by validating your profile. Kindly use our Xoom webpage below to Unblock your Account and your email password to Skip Security Code
    Remember! Your validation is important to us!


    Xoom Customer Support