Re: Greetings to you my dear friend, Very Urgent and Important.‏

Dear Friend

I sincerely apologize for contacting your without due permission or under-going due process. I was left with no choice that to contact you immediately because I consider this information is very Urgent and Emergency. You will agree with me that experience is the best teacher as we say. I have had allot of bad and hurtful experiences from those Fucking Internet Scammers. I received over 50 mails each day telling me to claim by Inheritance Funds worth Eight Hundred and Fifty Thousand United Stated Dollars. I fell to this trap and I lost allot of money. I will never forgive those Bastards from Africa to be specific Nigeria.

I am pleased to inform you that i am one of the most happiest women on health now because I was contacted by the Federal High Court Officials who directed me to the Real Organization in charge of my Funds. Now I have my funds directly transferred to my Bank Account. I will have to enjoy the rest of my life and family with this Fund as I resign my job on the 27th of March 2013. I have no reason to keep working when i have enough Funds to set up my own establishment.

Now you will be surprised how I got to know you. I was with the Federal High Court Official to sign and approve the Transfer of my Funds to my Bank (Bank Of America). I saw your e-mail address among the Beneficiaries of this Funds. I felt very sorry for those names and e-mail contacts because I know they might have been scammed by those Bastard. I quickly write out your name and email address . This is why I am contacting you today.

If you have received any mail asking you to make any form of payment to get your Funds. I advice you to ignore such mail now and contact the Federal High Court Official in charge of the Release of your Funds. If you can contact her now, she is going to process your Funds Papers immediately and you will have your Funds transferred to your Bank Account within the next 24-48hours. But you will be required to provide your information to prove that you are the real owner and Beneficiary of this Fund. You can contact Barrister Kimberly Marlin via e-mail as stated below:

Federal High Court Of Justice (United Kingdom)
Name: Barrister Kimberly Marlin (Federal High Court Official)
Tel: +44188748007

My Dear Friend, I hope I have been able to help and prevent you from falling a scam victim to those insolent bastards. Please feel very free to get back to me if you need more information on this, i will be willing to help. Bye for now.

Utmost Regards
Mary Wells.


  1. It's pretty awesome when someone is such a dear friend but calls you "dear friend" instead of using your actual name. That makes anything that comes afterwards a clear scam and is very helpful.

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