Re: Inheritance Claims.‏

Direct Tel. +44 703 192 3605

I am contacting you for a mutual beneficial business,due to your geographical location and the sensitivity of this project.
I am Mr John Wills,Head of Primeline at NatWest Bank Plc.I have no cause to doubt your credibility hence I send this offer
to you in good faith.I discovered a fixed-deposit amount of (Twenty two million three hundred thousand British Pounds sterling)
in a non-resident bank account which belongs to our foreign customer,who died on September 11,2001. This fund is about to be
confiscated by the British Government treasury because this account has not been operated for a long time.

Therefore I wish to present you to my bank for the claims,because there is no moral justification for the British Government
to inherit this fund,as the bank management is ready to approve the immediate payment transfer to whomever that would be
presented for this fund.So I require your swift response for further clarification, so we can implement action.

Upon consideration and acceptance of this offer, please proceed immediately and send to me the below information,

Your Full Name,
Contact Address,
Direct Mobile/telephone Number.

This information will enable me to upload your data into our bank database to reflect in the bank network system that you are
the named next of kin/will beneficiary of this fund, then I will guide you on communication with the bank for onward transfer
of the fund to you, please note that we have few days to carry out this deal.

Thanks in anticipation of your urgent response.


Mr. John Wills.
Head of Primeline,
NatWest Bank Plc.

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