Hi, do you forgot about me?‏

Meow honey,

I saw your photo in the social network and realized that we live in the same town.
How about spending a couple of hot weekends together and having fun without any needless questions? ;-)

Waiting for you in my PROFILE: http://t.co/xIQ4BTzywe

With kisses,
Brandie Kadlec


  1. fantastic grammar, dipshit

  2. "I saw your photo in the social network..."

    Riiiiiight. And, just for reference, WHICH social network would that be, Brandie?

  3. These assholes NEVER give up! I have received this SAME message off and on for the last year! I wish they would all die since they don't seem to have a real life.

  4. I just looked in my trash email folder and I found the exact email .what these scumbags do is get the "ununsuspecting victims"to start writing back n forth..sending them ridiculously beautiful pics of a woman. .then the lonely "victims", are lured in to sending the girl money.. (which is the whole point)..the will say things such as ..I'm a student ..I lost all my family. .I'm stranded in Nigeria. I need to get back home ..can you help me..blah..blah ..blah...and people actually do .. (idiots)..they will keep the conversation s going on for upto a month ..to gain ttust and get the victims to grow feelings for them..meanwhile its all a bunch of men in a dirty warehouse in Nigeria sitting at desks ..

  5. I like that my subject line from 'her' has always been 'nice girl, respectful and ready to party'...spambots are what make having email accounts through free providers more hassle than they are worth anymore

  6. OMG! I sincerely apologize.

    Yesterday, I sent you the wrong link.

    I got 3,482 emails today from important

    members like you, saying that they wanted

    to know more about this craze going on

    about this Guru...


    I apologize about that. But here it is again.

    I made sure they re-opened access for

    another 24 hours just for enduring that mistake.

    To remove yourself from this distribution please visit manage subscription to start the process for email deletion.

    Profit Alerts
    PO Box 025250 Miami, FL 33102

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  8. THis Brandie is still sending things out and it is now December 5, 2013

  9. Brandie should be hit by a bus.