Your urgent response is required‏

Attention the beneficiary,

Considering the delay in getting your payment in the last twelve months, my office have been vested with the power and authority to effect payment to all eligible persons that have not been able to receive their funds Based on the advice and recommendation of the world bank and the IMF in making sure you are paid, the amount of US$4,800.000.00 have been approved for immediate payment to you as the beneficiary of the funds.

This is based on the interim report as provided by the world financial governing body, the world bank and the IMF, considering the numerous reports by funds beneficiary of the inability of the crediting government to effect the payment of there long outstanding funds. Kindly forward your payment details to me directly on my email as stated therein, to enable me secure approvals and forward your file for immediate payment to the right and appropriate authorities.

Please be informed that most payment are effected through the HSBC Bank London, or as may be requested by you. I sincerely look forward to your positive response and I promise to expedite action in this regard.

Williams Lamberth.
Director of treasury and payment

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