(this is actually a text scam I got)

From 44bb@dot.net
From number: 1-347-223-25736
(That's right, an impossible phone number called my phone. pfft, so annoying, I can't even report it because it doesn't exist.)

A donation for charity purpose has been approved to you by Senora Clarisia, email her on senorac@qq.com for more details. Em

Everyone please email senorac@qq.com with fake information and time wasting lies to annoy the jerks who woke me up at 3am with this scam text!!


  1. I got two messages from a scl@X-44.com saying I was approved for a donation of 4800.000E, who is behind this scam

  2. this email si the same shit i think.

  3. I received this mail: "I wish to make a donation to you for charity purpose email me on scl@dot.net for more details.."

  4. I have also recieved this email in the last week in fact 2. For charity purpose i want to give u a donation!!

  5. (+2787050080084762) I wish to make a donation of 4.8m euros to you for Charity purpose email me on sclarisia@outlook.com for more details.

    I received that yesterday. Let everyone be warned not to fall for this trap because of the "love" of money.