Cash Donation From Calgary Lotto Max Winner‏

Hello Beneficiary,

You are receiving this email correspondence from Tom Crist, retired CEO and winner of $40 million jackpot in the Calgary Lotto Max.

Your email was one of the 6 emails selected by Google Inc. to receive a Check for $1million from my fund, as I am donating my entire lottery winnings in honour of my late wife, Jan, who died of cancer two years ago. see more details below;

Please forward Full Names, Age, Address, Tel, Occupation and a check for $1million will be issued to you. see more detail below;


  1. To Mr. Tom Crist, you should be ashamed of yourself! Claiming to be a lottery winner and you are going to donate the money to those who are less fortunate is disgusting! People tend to believe these things and want to believe that there are wonderful people out there who do these generous things. Being a fake and a phony is very uncool! You truly hurt people. Stop being a jerk and man up!

    1. To Mr Tom Crist I am a disabled Viet from Nam Vet I can no longer work because of the cancer and the money could help me to get more treatment also I could help my church because they are in a building program. There are a lot of people out there will take advantage of people like me. If you will rear this letter, and are willing to donate the funds to me you can get back to at me email address.
      Yours Truly

    2. To Mr. Tom Crist.
      I am a retired army veteran I served in Viet Nam and I was in the jungle and I was in contact with agent orange I am now suffering from cancer. The doctor's has told me that I have to live a day at a time my cancer is now in remishion but it can come back at any time. I have been told that you are trying to scam people out of the hard earn money. If you believe in the God of Heaven you will do the right thing. If you will read this letter I will and want to send me the funds that you have said you can get in touch with me on Facebook I will not give you my name you can just post on the page and I will know

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