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Name: Adriana
Age: 25
Single: Yes
Sexuality: Straight
Body Type: Fit
Visit Her Profile:
Cell Number: 785-379-6740 (Please Text Her First)

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    Today at 9:05 AM
    Name: Linda
    Age: 21
    Drinking: One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR!
    Education: Some college/uni
    Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
    Eye Color: Light Blue / Brown
    Height: 5"3
    Hair Color: Blonde / Light Brown
    Hair length: Very long
    Submissive: Yes i love to be punished
    Sexual orientation: Bi-Sexual
    Star sign: Sagittarius
    Occupation: Still learning
    Smoking: Only Sausages :)
    About me: I am simple and sophisticated at the same time I love giving Blow jobs at the park

    (785) 379-6740 (you can text Me if you want so i know youre real)

  2. Hey guys I’m Adriana!! I am very passionate with a very hot lean and curvy physique.

    I am very hot 36C 26 waist 39 butt. 100% all REAL PHOTOS !!!!

    Im exactly what u have been looking for Ive got skills like no other!
    Im very openminded & love role-playing!
    Cum play me with baby :)


    MY CELL --> 785-379-6740 (text me first so I know youre real baby)

  3. Hey! i saw your pic on Facebook! You're cute ...
    Do you still have a girlfriend? I hope we can hookup
    feel free to send me a text at 785*3796740 so i know youre real
    i'm also on Yahoo Messenger my screenname is ADRIHOLLANDS
    lets chat tonight i;ll be online and we can talk hun


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