[ Gassan Schrecker Kiss me there. Lick every inch of me. ]‏

Gassan Schrecker I love how big your cock gets when I talk to you like this.
Don't you dare come until I say you can!
Lie back and shut up! I'm going to make you come until you can't breathe.
Tell me all the dirty little things you do when you masturbate, you naughty boy/girl. Tell me everything, baby. Tell me how you play with yourself.
Where do you want to come?
What a hot nasty girl you are! I will wash your mouth out with my cum if you talk dirty, naughty girl.
You little slut, I'm going to fuck you till you can't walk! Ready?

Dontae Bowns

No idea. Click on it if you guys want, but I don't think I'm going to. Is it a scam? I don't know anymore.

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