RE: Telegraphic Wire Transfer Payment from Bank of America United States.‏

Bank of America
150 Broadway Ave
New York, NY 10038 Usa.

Telegraphic Wire Transfer Payment from Bank of America United States.

This is an official notice from the Bank of America in regards to the transfer of your inheritance/ lottery funds worth $10.5 million united states dollars. Meanwhile we are very sorry for the delay in this transaction which was as a result of the latter we received from one Mr.John F Wiley .

We wish to notify you that a man named Mr.John F Wiley sent a letter to our bank here in the united states claiming that you are dead and he stated that before you died, you informed him about your funds worth $10.5 million which is in our bank here in the United States.
Note that Mr.John F Wiley also sent a copy of your death certificate to us, to prove to us that you are dead as he claimed, but we did not believe him because we know that there are so many scam activities going on here in the united states.

As a matter of fact, He also gave us every reason to believe that you are dead, and he is ready to take care of what ever it will cost to get your funds transferred into his own account, but we decided to contact you first to be sure that you are dead as he claimed before releasing your funds worth $10.5 million to Mr.John F Wiley

So are you dead or are you still alive? Be informed that we are going to release the funds to Mr.John F Wiley if you do not respond back to us within the next 2 working days to.

Please ,If you are still alive, kindly fill all the information below to enable us credit your account without any delay.

Full Name:

Bank Name:
Account No.:
Routing No.:
Swift Code:
Account Name:

However, we shall proceed to issue all payments details to the said Mr.John F Wiley if we do not hear from you within the next two working days from today.

I will be waiting for your urgent response.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Brian t. Moynihan
Manager Bank of America

This 'bank of america' mail came from Mr. Brian t. Moynihan with 'super-official-looking' email:


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    Yes, they are legit, but you aren't. Their emails are and yours is gmail. pwnt
    no one reply to that scam comment above unless you want to get scammed!!!

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