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Rasa Boemio "Is that the defense you'll make for him when he's court-martialed?" Dax asked. As far as she knew, Dr. Bashir had no experience whatsoever in living off the land, and the terrain of the devastated Kaladrys Valley was not one of the most hospitable on Bajor. She was concerned for him, and it came out as waspishness.
"From what I saw in Crossroads, that's not an easy life, either."
Heart pounding, she pressed herself flat beside the door and drew a stun grenade. This had better work. She set it for a two-second delay, then tossed it into the room.
"All right," agreed Sisko, pausing thoughtfully between sips. "Just say, 'I drank too much coffee.' "

Lavaughn Sarvas

I have no freaking idea what this email is all about. But it's definitely not something I need.

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