Dear Sir/Madam,

Many apologies that I had to send you this email without a prior
relationship between us; my name is Mr.Ludo Wijngaarden, A member of
the supervisory board of the SNS Bank Netherlands and a Former member
Board of ING Bank Netherlands and also the former Chairman Board of
Post Bank Netherlands.

I have however contacted you with the hope of presenting you as the
beneficiary (next of kin) to a late client in one of the Branches of
the Bank in the Netherlands whose Bonded Depository Account with the
Bank in the Netherlands worth Fourteen Million Seven Hundred Thousand
Euros has remain unclaimed, I figured out that since you share a
common name with him, I decided to Contact you with this privileged
information regarding his account, this is as a result of the fact
that the late client has nobody left to claim this fund.

If such an account is not claimed or renewed to commence another
tenure of 7years, a 6months period of grace is granted to the account
holder or his designated beneficiary, a probate order of Mandamus is
then issued to provide such a beneficiary whereby failure to do so at
the end of it?s expiration the funds will be quarantined and shared
amongst the Directors of the Bank at the end of the fiscal year.

I bore in mind your personality and reputation of which the same apply
to me, on this light I then deemed it fit to assure you that the Funds
will be cleared in accordance with the firm's operational procedures
to ensure the transaction success without a breach of the law.

One thing is certain, with the relevant legal documents that I will
get to back you up the funds release will be approved for onward
release to you.

If this is okay with you then get back to me so that I give you more details.

Let it be known to you that this 14,700,000.00 Euros will be split
equally that is 50% for you and 50% for me.

I will want you to get back to me as soon as possible if you are
willing to assist in getting these funds, or you can give me a call on
my London line below which I acquired mainly for this purpose as I am
presently based in the UK.


Mr.Ludo Wijngaarden
+4470457 74810

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