Dear friend

Firstly, I wish you the very best of life of good health and Success. It is my pleasureto write this letter and thank you for creating time to read through my messagecarefully. Well, I know you maybe wondering how i got your address, but permitme to tell you that I got your contact from the (Burkina Faso chamber ofcommerce) and I decided to contact you to shared with you deeply about my ongoingtrue life opportunity and I have no intentions of causing you any worriesthrough this medium. Trust me! Because I have to say that I have no otheralternative rather than to seek for your considerable humanitarian help for myaid.

My biological real name is Mr. Aalam Abdulahi Regional Civil Servant of CorisBank International Burkina Faso. I discovered existing dormant account for5years sum of US$6.5Million dollars only, However, I shall give you 40% of thetotal sumUs$6.5M as soon as this fund hits your account and I shall visit youin your country for the shearing. Also I shall detail you with the fullinformation as soon as I hear from you.

All I need is your free and open heart towards me. I will also need a very strongbank account that will carry this huge of amount without any problem. Pleaseuse your influence to protect this fund as soon as our bank transfers the fundinto your bank account. Let me know more about you and your family before Idisclose this bank deal to you.

I will like us to create the avenue of trust before going into business. A lot ofthings are going on in the internet now and you will never know when the realbusiness comes. I will even advice you to come down to Burkina Faso sothat I will take you direct to the bank for you to make inquire concerning thefund. This is cool and real bank deal. I will be retiring from governmentservice very soon. I think this is my best opportunity in life to make it. Alot of men have been abandoned by government because after their retirement,the government doesn’t care of them any more. I will don’t want to be anexample to such nonsense.

Please, don’t discuss this business with anybody. Your best friend can become yourworst enemy if he finds out that you have made it tomorrow. Don’t ever trustany friend when it comes to money. Don’t let anybody to know about it until youreceive the fund in your bank account. We are living in a wicked world andpeople doesn’t like to see others progress. I am an old man and I know what Ihave passed through as a man. Please think about solution for my aid.

Keep every development within your self until this fund transfer into your accountin your country as I will not want our Bank Management to know my involvementin this transaction for security reasons please I will expect you to call mewith my house personal phone so that we can discuss more about this deal. Iwill need to hear your voice as soon as you read this mail. And I shall Waiteyour reciprocate positive response soonest via mail.

Have a wonderful day.
Mr. Aalam Abdulahi.
( +22675545067)

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