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My name is Tavitton Mcquires, the Senior Directing officer of one of the many branches Rooly Security Agency. I am writing you concerning a situation which has come to my notice and i would like a confirmation from you before i proceed with my actions.

A consignment box containing a very huge amount of Fund about $14 Million USD was brought here to be kept in custody by one Delegate Anderson Curtis who was assigned to Africa to handle issues involving foreign Beneficiaries being ripped each time they try to make a claim on their inheritance .This was done some months ago which the Agent stressed that the consignment belongs to you.

The reason why i am writing you is because a power of attorney was forwarded to our office this morning by Mr. Kelly Brown and they introduced themselves as Trevor Derek Alfred and Mr. Roland Dobling and the Barrister's name David Hayfield.They claim you have asked them to claim the fund in the consignment. They are willing to pay $2500 usd to claim the fund which will be used for preparing the paper work and also for the shipment of the consignment,they made me understand that you were hit by a truck and on your death bed you gave them the right to claim the fund in the consignment. This makes me really confused, because the real amount for the preparation of paper work and for the shipment of the consignment is just $350 usd. I have notified the Delegate Anderson concerning this matter and he has stated that he has nothing to do with it anymore and maybe these people are been truthful.

You are to email or call this office immediately (+2348085159809) for clarifications on this matter as we shall be available 24 hrs to speak with you and give you the necessary guidelines on how to ensure that your consignment is sent to you immediately.Just also be informed that any further delay from your side could be dangerous, as i would not be held responsible of wrong delivery.

So,get back to me urgently and tell me if this is true,you are therefore given 24hrs as soon as you read this email to confirm the truth in this information, If you are still alive, You are to contact us back immediately, Because we work 24 hrs just to ensure that we monitor all the activities going on in regards to the delivering of your consignment.I want to know if these people have been given permission by you to claim the fund in the consignment because they have provided an attorney to stand on their behalf and he is ready to sign the change of ownership certificate and also make the payment to claim the consignment. If you are not on your death bed as these people claim and to have this consignment delivered to you, then get back to me immediately as this required a great deal of urgency.

On receipt of your email, I will call the police to have these people arrested for attempted fraud and theft, but if not i will have no choice than to accept their payments, sign the change of ownership certificate and have it released to them.

Yours Sincerely,
Tavitton Mcquires

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