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Credit Awareness Bureau

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There's a 30 day delinquency added to your credit report yesterday.

We urge you to check your credit score immediately & request for removal of this delinquency if you believe its not appropriate.

If this 30-day delinquency is correct, it may remain on your report for seven years or more. It can also badly effect your chances of getting loans in near future.

This is the only website from where you can check your score for Free GO HERE.


Sarah Johnson

Account Manager

Credit Awareness Bureau


  1. Thank you for posting this. I just received the same email. I did not click on the link.

  2. Mr. XYZ: On 1/12/2014 @ 12:26 AM
    I got this same e-mail in my spam e-mail, and of course did not click on the link to find out my credit score. Sort of getting tired of these scammers as I have these cuprit lowlifes calling and telling me that there's something wrong with my computer too, so they can sell their maintenance plan.