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Credit Awareness Bureau

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There's a 30 day delinquency added to your credit report yesterday.

We urge you to check your credit scoreA immediately & request for removal of this delinquency if you believe its not appropriate.

If this 30-day delinquency is correct, it may remain on your report for seven years or more. It can also badly effect your chances of getting loans in near future.

This is the only website from where you can check your score for Free GO HERE.


Sarah Johnson

Account Manager

Credit Awareness Bureau


  1. I received a similar email today:
    From: Tamara
    Subj: WARNING – Unverified Issues With Your Credit Score, Confirmation Required
    Body: Report Spam
    Warning for January 14, 2014 – suspicious activity detected
    Credit Awareness Bureau
    There is now a 30 day delinquency that was added to your credit report yesterday. We urge you to check your credit score IMMEDIATELY & request for removal of this …
    It goes on with more scares and big red letters. It also seems to all be image files, maybe to avoid scam filtering?

  2. Got it today, also, the text version. Just did a search for the text to see if this was a common scam and landed on this blog.

    There's a 30 day delinquency just added to your credit report.

    We strongly urge you to check your credit score immediately & request for removal if you believe its not true. There might be a case of Identity Theft.

    If you don't take action now, this delinquency will remain on your report for 7 years or more. It can also badly effect your chances of getting loans in near future.

    This is the only website which is authorized to give Free credit reports Click Here.


    Amy Williams

    Account Manager

    Credit Alerts Bureau

  3. I got it in my spam folder 5 times yesterday! the name mine said it was from was also Amy Williams, not Sarah as in the original post

  4. Received the same e-mail from Amy Williams yesterday at my work e-mail address which is someone what disturbing.

  5. I also just received this from "amy williams" at my work email. I would love to send these folks a suprise trojan!!!

  6. I just receive the same email from Amy Williams.
    Thank you for posting.

  7. I just received this email at my work address - mine was from Jason Howe.

    1. Me too, same sender and everything.

  8. Got the same today from "Jason Howe."

  9. Just had one closely following the above texts from 'Stuart Brown, Manager, Credit Alerts Bureau'.

  10. I too just received one from Stuart Brown, Manager, Credit Alerts Bureau.

  11. Jason Howe
    Credit Bureau

    what a croc geez they aren't even trying anymore

  12. Granny Get Your GunMarch 18, 2014 at 4:27 PM

    I got the same thing today from "Jessica Taylor". I googled deliquency notice email and found this page. Thanks for posting this scam so I could confirm in my own mind that it was nothing to worry about.

    The email came from and the link it pointed to was

  13. i got one from jessica johnson credit alerts (spam) delinquency warning; it states that there is a delinquency on my credit report, you can look up your credit report by clicking here. (takes you to the same site that is explained below)
    another was from sarah anderson account manager credit bureau team(spam) credit downgrade notice; stated that they had recieved 7 credit "enquiries" (enquire british spelling) (inquire spelled in the usa) in the last 15 days on my e-mail address from: first usa, bank of america, capital one, discover, met life,gmg? & verizon. it goes on for you to click here and get your credit scores and make sure your not victim of identity theft. after you click- you can get 3 free credit scores ( if you give them valuable info; like your social security #) on a 7 day "free" trial then you pay $29.99 per month after the free trial. seems like a "scam" to me!

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  16. I'm confused, does the above poster think someone is actually going to believe that scam if they come to this website, lol. What an idiot.

  17. Just received an email from Jason Howe- Jason Howe , Credit Bureau.

    I do not have any personal info email link to my work-which is were I received this email. I say SCAM!!!