Why wont you respond to my message?‏

Hi sweetie, my name is Jennifer and I'm 23 y.o.

I've found a new feature in my profile which allows me to add people with whom I wanna date without any obligations.
I think you understand what I mean... ;)
You're so cute and I think we can perfectly spend some time together...

You can find my profile here: http://www.veryreadyandhotlocals.com

All Yours,


  1. That cunt Jennifer has been mailing me ever day for years. Ne.ver reply, never click on link - page is a virus-infected hacker page. DO NOT RESPOND to that type of messages.
    By the way, another cunt that keeps spamming is "Adriana".

    PS I am proud to be GAY. Fuck you bitches.

    1. Amen!!! (From another gay man.) I just deleted two of those from my junk folder.

    2. I just received the same message. Does this mean that I am gay too?

      My wife is going to be furious.

      Please advise.

    3. Silly question, just realised that my username is an anagram of Board Ma Ass.