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Hi, Jayne Guzzetti here with an
important message about AMC, Inc!

I'm writing today to tell you that exactly what we predicted would happen in this economy has been happening for the last year and presently there is no end in sight! When the economy goes down, our business goes up! Record numbers of people turn to businesses like ours because, to put it simply, there's nowhere else to turn!!!!!!!

You need to know this, you need to know why, and I'm begging you to pay attention right now! You originally looked at our completely home-based, direct-mail/Internet business online, which is why I have your e-mail address in the first place and why I'm writing to you today.

Bob and I have been here before and we know exactly what's going to happen with our business, something you can become part of if you simply have the courage to take a chance on yourself. That's why we're in this business in the first place. We both come from industries that failed 23+ years ago and since then we've been full-time and at the top of this industry.

We got mad counting on our industries, the government... and anyone else for that matter! Isn't it time you did, too? See... that's exactly what's happening right now. No one knows how much worse this economy is going to get, no ones seeing any significant improvements, so more and more people are standing up and taking matters into their own hands. How 'bout you?

Please... let's begin again. Start by going to our website, again, and read our booklet. If you don't have time right now to read it, then skim it. We've been told time and time again by our members that the #1 mistake they made was they didn't read our booklet sooner!

Here we are with a business to offer you where we do the majority of the work for you, one where you only need a few hours a month, one that can produce a full-time income for you... and way, way beyond... so why... why, why, why... won't you just step through it! Read it, call us, e-mail us, and figure out for yourself if this just might be the answer to your dreams!

Go to: and put in the code 777

Call us directly at: 770-645-7878

E-mail us at:

Fax us at: 770-645-7873

Listen to our 2 minute, 24-hour Hotline message: 770-621-5872

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