Ret: Seeking Your Partnership. 13/09/2012.>>‏

From: Paul Ketwa

Private Bag X59 Pretoria, 0001

Trevenna Campus,

Meintjes and Schoeman Streets,

Sunnyside, PRETORIA

Republic of South Africa


Good day dear Friend,

I know this mail will come to you as a surprise, please do not be sceptical as its for good purpose. Its after my official enquiry from the foreign trade office of the chambers of commerce & industry here in Johannesburg South Africa, that I decided to contact you without disclosing to anyone considering the confidentiality of this project. As I found your profile very interesting, I decided to contact you and to solicit for your assistance in transferring the sum of US$32,000,000.00(Thirty Two Million United State Dollars) to your bank account in your country within some few days. For your information, I am a senior Director of the Ministry of Mineral Resources Republic of South Africa; I am currently in need of you as foreign partner whose identity can be used to transfer this sum of money out my country for overseas investment. This fund emanated from an over-invoiced contract payment which was awarded to a foreign contractor in the year 2010.

The fund is presently waiting to be remitted from the bank here in South Africa to any overseas beneficiary confirmed by me as associate/receiver because by virtue of my position as civil servant in my country, I cannot claim the fund in my name. This is because as highly placed civil servant, I am not allowed by the civil service code of conduct to own or operate bank accounts offshore hence my request to present you.

As soon as fund is confirmed in your account, the sharing ratio will be, 30% (US$9,600,000.00) to you as commission for your co-operation and assistance in facilitating the transfer, 1% for any taxation fee that might occur during the course of this transfer while the remaining 69% (US$22,080,000.00) will be for me and my colleague. Once the fund hit your account, you are allowed to withdraw your commission. As I plan to invest the fund overseas, I will appreciate your advice on viable investments.

I plead with you to keep this transaction very confidential even if you are not interested to handle it with me.


Paul Ketwa

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