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Sarah Smith wants to be your friend on Facebook. No matter how far away you are from friends and family, Facebook can help you stay connected. Other people have asked to be your friend on Facebook. Accept this invitation to see your previous friend requests   Sarah Smith 317 friends   Nazaret Vermudas UCLA · Barquisimeto 15 friends   Oswaldo Carpio Ula · El Vigía, Mérida, Venezuela 399 friends   Eddy Linares Universidad de Los Andes - Venezuela · Acarigua 119 friends   Miguel Rodriguez U.N.E Romulo Gallegos · Acarigua 73 friends   Ricardo Betancourt U.e.n dr arturo uslar pietri · Acarigua   Lorex Quiñonez Acarigua 228 friends Accept Invitation    Go to Facebook


  1. I am not on facebook and just received Sarah Smith invitation.

  2. In the left hand tab, tap on Apps. You ought to now see all the custom Facebook apps that are connected to your Facebook account. Underneath every app you'll see a lock symbol, in addition to one of the accompanying legends: Public, Friends of companions, Friends, Only Me or Custom. BRSM