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hiThis is a personal email directed to you. I am Dave Dawes,I and my fiancee won a Jackpot Lottery of 101 Million Great British pounds sterling in October, My fiance and I have decided to make sure this is put on the Internet for the world to see. You see after taken care of the needs of our immediate
family members and friends,and have voluntarily decided to donate the sum of 1 million pounds ($1.56 million) to you as part of our own charity
project to improve the lot of 5 unknown lucky individuals all over the world plus 15 close friends and family. If you have received this email
then you are one of the lucky recipients and all you have to do is get back with us with your details below so that we can send your details to the payout courier.


We anticipate your earliest response.

Best regards
Dave and Angela Dawes.
Please send your reply: info@egwfoundation.org

Our Ref: CFQC/US/(removed)

Our Ref: CFQC/US/(removed)
Your Ref:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Cargill which was founded in 1865 by W.W. Cargill was conceived with the objective of Human Growth, Education and Community development. We are pleased to inform you that as part of our 2013 fiscal year promotion, Cargill is donating two hundred million dollars, towards the Cargill Foundation anniversary as specific cash aid to 100 international recipients Worldwide in different categories for business, educational and personal development, and at least 30% to be use by each for the development of his/her community.

For more details about our charitable donations please visit our website at http://www.cargill.com/corporateresponsibility/charitab-giving/index.jsp In 2011,
Cargill contributed more than US $58 million to nonprofit and/or nongovernmental organizations, schools and local community organizations in locations where we have a business presence. Based on the random selection exercise from all databases and websites on the internet, you were selected among the recipients to receive the sum of USD 12,000,000.00 (Twelve Million US dollars) as cash aid. It is therefore my pleasure to officially inform you that you have been chosen By the board of trustees of the Cargill Foundation, as one of the recipients for 2013 Charitable giving for your own personal, educational and business development.

You are required to Reconfirm the following Information in Full. Name, Contact Address and Telephone. Also, contact your cash aid documentation officer with the below information, for documentation and processing.

Cargill Foundation (UK)
Media 252 Campbell,
Phone: +44(813)-867-3805
Email: cargilfoundation@administrativos.com

Cash Aid payments are strictly administered by the respective/authorized payment offices of the Cargill Foundation in North America, Africa and United Kingdom.

On behalf of the Cargill Foundation, Board of trustees, kindly accept our warmest congratulations.
Yours faithfully,
Dr. Paul Long
© 2013 Cargill, Incorporated.

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Sex Offender Activity Alert from Kids Live Safe Family Protection Services

You are receiving this email because we have detected Sex Offender activity in your area. If you would like to know who they are, where they live and how you can protect your family from sexual predators please click here.

NOTE: the website you are about to access contains actual sex offender information. Please use extreme caution when utilizing this service. Learning the truth about who lives near your family can be shocking and disturbing. By proceeding you agree to utilize Kids Live Safe solely for informational purposes and to protect your children and loved ones.

I understand and want to proceed

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Hello (your email address),

Enclosed is your new auto insurance plan.

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With the new laws recently announced, you could be eligible for auto insurance as low as $14 per month.


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*Deadline-Verify Your Benefits, Eligibility & Enrollment.‏

"If you like our mails then please click "NOT JUNK" for receiving e-mails of our other offers and deals in inbox in future."
Check Your 2013 Enrollment Plan - See Premiums.

Re: Obamacare begins October 1st -new payment for (your email address)

Attention (your email address) -

In accordance with President Obama's Affordable Care Act you will be required by law
to have a health insurance policy within the next few months.

To find a policy that fits your budget, simply enter your zip code on the next page:


Major companies such as United Healthcare, Humana, Aetna and Celtic are competing for you to use their company for health insurance effective September 2013.
If you do not lock in your low rate now, you will be forced to pay a much higher premium later on.

To start the process, you now only need to ENTER YOUR ZIP CODE on the next page to receive the lowest possible rate.


Maria G.
Health Insurance Policy Representative

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