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From name says Howie Mandel (ROFL!)
from address: info@myjobnetworks.com

Its meeee :D‏

Heya. So Im new to the city.. Looking to meet new ppl to chill with. Im, 23 Female. If youre down hit me up on my cell, its 7542009428

and the Hummels were forgotten.An hour passed.Amy did not come,

Good Morning‏


My name is Brenda Robert-Rakshanov wife to Late Lee Robert-Rakshanov a native of Singapore who pass to the ghost years back,I am apparently residing in the United Kingdom for surgery(Cancer) in a couple of days. contact me immediately in regards to my decease husband's finance which is held fixed with a financial Institution. However, I intend to use them for the good
work of the lord by you assisting me to stipulate them to the less fortunate organisations respectively. This is a sensitive transaction i will like to discuss with you and believe we both can accomplish this within a couple of days but first I will need a confirmation receipt of this message before I can expanciate more on the issue at hand, contact me by email for more information on this.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Your Sincerely
Mrs. Brenda Robert-Rakshanov


Attn Pls

This is to inform you that your fund which you have been Processing for
some period of years is coming through a Diplomatic means this year 2014,
to your door steps in cash, From World Bank Auditor in London (World Bank
Auditor) we advise you forward to us your info to this Department office,
your full name and home address, and your Telephone number also where you
want the consignment to be Delivered, and also your International Passport
or Drivers' License for Identification.

As soon as we receive this information required from you the Consignment
briefcase of US$1.950,000,00 will be forwarded to you immediately and the
date of our official arriving in your Country will be given to you also.
Do let us know if you want the fund to come in cash or ban
uzo_king: bank transfer to your bank account.
We wait your reply.
Dr.Izaka Ali


I write to seek your assistance for safe keeping of two military trunk boxes valuable that will be of great benefit to both of us,i will explain further when you respond to my direct Email: captcasey2012thoreen@r7.com

I would appreciate your urgent response.


Dear customer you need to confirm your account please.‏

(ALL THE CONTENT of this email was blocked by my email provider, apparently...)

In the email source I can see that THERE IS NO CONTENT of the message.
It's just an attempt to get you to reply.
Says it's from Apple. service@apple.com
Ok, return path: admin@strannik.crimea.ru
Well, I don't know, maybe Apple outsources to Russia...

Broken email has been restored and re-sent to you‏

Google technical support email scam - easier to spot when you aren't using gmail... "broken emails have been restored to you" says it's from douglas@colingordon.com, which doesn't exactly look like gmail, or google.

Heyyy. Whats good??‏

Hiii. I'm a 23 yr old gal. How was your weekend? Mine was soo boring! I would luv to meet a new man and heat things up. If u think you fit the bill.. shoot me a T_ext.. We can swap pix. My # is 5109480134

Hope you txt me soon!

Access Document.‏


I was supposed to send this document yesterday,sorry i forgot.Click on the document link below to get the document.



NOTE: this email was sent from someone I know who had their email hi-jacked, so keep an eye out for hi-jacked email scams, they look like they came from someone you know!
It comes with a link that is labeled as an attachment - IT IS NOT AN ATTACHMENT - it is a link to this address: http://seponhotel.com.vn/images/googledocdrv/Alex/ipadpho=

IRS Levy/Wage garnishment‏


The good news is that stopping a collection action became so easy with some I.R.S. programs, I'm afraid that if you haven't taken care of it since the last time we spoke you might be up for collections, call me let us resolve your case forever.

Call me at 888-239-3077


Jason Bowman
Senior Tax Analyst
Ideal Tax Solution, LLC

Your Back Taxes‏


I don't know if you are still behind on filing your tax returns from the last time we spoke, if you are still behind on filing let me do it for you specially if you are self employed, we could reduce your liability by up to 100% if it is done by a professional.

Call me at 888-735-0810


Martha Gonzalez
Senior Tax Analyst
Ideal Tax Solution, LLC

Tax suspension‏


Your debt may have increased since the last time we have checked. I need you to contact me to stop this from happening and start working on a resolution. The IRS has made it so much easier to resolve case.

Call me at 888-495-9481

Martha Gonzalez
Senior Tax Analyst
Ideal Tax Solution, LLC



Since you don’t show that you have a lot of assets, I can put you on a Currently Non Collectible (“CNC”) Program that will stop any collection action by the IRS.

Call me at 888-709-0413

Please disregard this communication if you do not owe any money to the I.R.S. or if you do not have any existing issue with them.


Jason Bowman
Senior Tax Analyst
Ideal Tax Solution, LLC

3.5% Wonga Loan Offer‏

View attachment for details

Says it's from: Wonga Cash Loan (webdazus@hotmail.com)
Email contains an attachment called: "3.5 WONGA LOANS OFFER.pdf"
Replies to: wongaloanapplication@consultant.com