the shipping information‏

Hey there

My apologies for the disturbance but i am disturbing you concerning the parcel that has been submitted.
Amazed about newest news bulletins about the world situation, they are forcing me to realize that I am a bit scared.. I can't believe, it is strange, but is it a clear afternoon on the West Coast?.. So droll that the Saturday beer didn't go down well, because I didn't remember everything.
Would you care to tell me if you have received the box...?

Kindest regards,
Thank you very much
Betty Jones

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perhaps that may have been your snapshot submitted on youtube‏


surprise! saw you wandering on the youtube, you can't reject my determination
I can't believe, it is strange, but is it a breezy morning on the West Coast?.. I'm so confused but i am almost delayed with my sister's birthday, I didn't remember talking to you. Watching last stories about the world situation, they are prompting me feel angry...
Can you call me on, whenever you have time?

Hope to hear from you soon
Judy Garcia


Good Day Sir/Ma,

I write to you in good faith and hoping that you will understand the importance of my email. My decision to contact you is because I have been recently diagnosed with Cancer and the doctor said I have less than 6 weeks to live. Since this sudden news was announced to me, I have been reflecting over my life in the past. It is painful that after over 24 years of peaceful marriage with my late husband, we had no child of our own that will inherit our numerous wealth.

In the past, I have made reasonable donations to the victims of Earthquake in Haiti and recently to the same victims in Japan and Thailand. Now that my health is gradually deteriorating, I cannot continue to do all these by myself any more. I strongly desire to reach out to the poor and needy people, but I would prefer to continue this with the assistance of a kind person.I want you to answer the following questions, (1) are you a God fearing person? (2) If I donate (15.5)Fifteen Million five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars to you, can you be able to utilize it wisely to achieve my heart desire of supporting poor people around you? (3)Will you open a charity foundation in the name of my husband and 1? Please reply me as soon as possible.

Mrs Bertha Akpabio.

just one thing i would like to remind you‏

Hello again

I'm very disappointed about the inconvenience but I am contacting you about the the box that has been shipped...
Anyway, my place is now on sale and i moved away to a nearby site with all my spiders. Watching last newscasts about Putin, they are prompting me feel trembling... See, but i'm wondering is it a freezing morning so far South?..
Did you pick up the packet?

Most sincerely
Martha King

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I am so sorry regarding the mess but I am reaching you regarding the shipment that has been dispatched.
Afraid of passing reports about what happened in NY, they are making me to realize that i'm a bit angry... Sorry but I am very overwhelmed with my sister's funeral, so I didn't remember calling you. See, but i'm wondering is it a frosty morning at your place?.. Anyway, my home is now being leased by someone else and I switched to a close neighbourhood with my dogs.
Has the package arrived to you?

Much obliged
Judy Brown