First of all: I have looked into the message coding of many of these scam emails and the "unsubscribe" link frequently takes you to the exact same URL as the scam link (or email) buried in the message content. This is proof that many of these messages have no intention of "unsubscribing" you at all, and it is merely another attempt to con you into replying to the message or visiting their site.

Secondly: Many of you have been good enough to post your experiences with attempting to "unsubscribe" from spam or scams, and report that the attacks increased afterwards. This is also a good reason not to "unsubscribe". The comments posted here suggested that the 'unsubscribe' button is being used to verify working email addresses for further spamming.

Thirdly: It is a lot more fun to report them to the FCC, FBI, or whatever makes you feel better, while posting their crap on a site like this, making fun of them, and leaving their sender information available for any old free-range hacker who gets bored and pulls the losers' information off sites like this for their shenanigans. I have had a couple anonymous comments suggest that to be the case, and I think that is a good use for that sender information.

But of course, it is up to you what you do. In my experience of having received all of this garbage to my inbox: never respond in any way, shape, or form to these emails. You don't want yourself on the radar of anyone associated with these entities. The 'unsubscribe' link can be just as much a scam as anything else in the message.


  1. do not put me back on face book

  2. Do you ever receive any posing as if they are just replying to your email?
    With what looks to be "Original Message" ------ down below?

  3. The email from the Pedophiles Found in Your Area Notification was sent to me from me. Does this sound like I've been hacked? Hackers, scammers, spammers, etc., deem to be on the rise:(


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  6. Thanks for the information about the unsubscribe links! I have run into quite a few that give you the option but once you try to submit it shows as unsuccessful. So the link & effort is worthless.
    It took me a little while to figure out that many of these spammer use multiple servers that you have to unsubscribe from individually & often takes weeks to accomplish. I need a delete all for my inbox like the junk & trash boxes have!