I personally have not had any interaction with this website, but it has been searched for on mine, so I looked into it.

It is registered to an inaccurate address in the Bahamas. Many other scams are registered to the same address. As far as I can tell, it is some sort of umbrella host for n9gov.com and a bunch of other garbage scams.

The official registration information for n9gov.com lists contact emails that look like this:
and people are advised not to send letters (obviously, because the street address is no good).

Their contact email website 'privatewhois.net' is also registered to the same street address.

Bottom line: it's a load of crap and whoever gets involved with them is not going to be happy. Official websites list real names and phone numbers and valid contact information for their admins and tech support, etc. Neither of these sites list anything valid.

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  1. Feb. 18, 2014. I received this same email. It went to junk mail but I know somehow it got my contact email via Facebook because the name it had is the only name I use for Facebook.