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You have been invited to participate in our Business Evaluation Survey !!!($150 per survey)

PineCone Research assigns over 150,000 in-store surveys each year and has provided business evaluation
services for over 15 years. It is free to sign up and we are always looking for enthusiastic new panelists.

Through our business evaluation surveys, PineCone Research delivers an accurate picture of the customer
experience and services using on-profile people in real situations to report on their interaction.
Apply to join our panel and get paid to shop, enjoy leisure activities,
or have your say on customer service standards.

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The real Pinecone research on the web says they only pay $3.00 per survey taken. Members only.


  1. I got 1 of these and fell into the trap like an idiot. They actually even sent me a check for $1200 in the mail that I'm supposed to Western Union to another so-called "mystery consumer" with whom the details have been provided via email. I started to get suspicious when the check came... I'm soooo glad I came across this! All I can think about is the trouble I could've gotten in! These liars and scammers need to get a life!

    1. August 2012
      In fell for one of these emails; costs me $1100. I checked the Internet before sending the funds via western union. PineConeResearch existed, the mailing looked identical to the PineConeWeb site.
      The check was returned to my bank as forgery.
      The envelope with the check was posted in Oakland CA. Was this a warning sign?

  2. Thanks for the warning.
    Mine was signed by

    Toluna 2002-2011 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

  3. Here is another example, look for grammatical errors ! as in first line "should be delivering soon"

    Dear Shopper,

    The check meant to cover the expenses for the survey should be delivering soon, you are required to cash the check and proceed with your first assignment.

    Your Immediate Assignment:

    Carry out a Secret Survey on the nearest Western Union outlet in your location by forwarding a fixed amount {$980.00} to a "Mystery Consumer" in another region who's conducting the same survey at the "Recipient" end.

    Recipient's Western Union Information:

    Full name: Jo Ann Woods
    City: Vallejo
    State: CA
    Zip Code: 94591
    Test Question: For Who
    Answer: Jo

    Amount: ($980.00)
    MTCN: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Your income is $150.00 for the survey.
    You're to deduct another $90.00 to cover the transfer charges (Money in Minutes) at the Western Union outlet.

    How to rate the Western Union Outlet's Service:

    You're to simply rate the Western Union outlet's service by simply observing and recording the parameters below:

    Outlet store Address:
    Appearance of Agent:
    Time taken to complete Transaction:
    Future improvement you would like to see:

    Western Union Details After Completing the survey:

    Senders Name:
    Senders Address:
    Test Question:
    Test Answer:
    Amount Sent:

    Upon completion of the survey you are to Immediately send us an E-mail with your rating of the outlet and the 10-Digit MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) Nos of the transaction at Western Union which would be needed by the mystery consumer to complete her survey.

    Verified by SurveyPolice
    Better Business Patio Builder
    Pine Cone Research® is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau!

    PineCone Research
    250 East 5th St. 9th Floor,
    Cincinnati, OH 45202

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    1. OMG! This is nearly identical to what i ALMOST fell for! The major difference is the amount of money involved for me was quite a bit higher! Thank GOD I thought to look this up before I received a 'check' ! SERIOUS SCUMBAGS out there and trying to take advantage of decent folk before Christmas.

  4. The one I just got was from "Eric Bold", but there was no return Email address. Those jackasses sending out dumb crap like that need to get a life.

  5. I don't even remember applying for something like that, but I got Customer Survey in the mail with a $1200 check. Supposed to use Western Union and send a lady some money and keep some for myself. I did some research. The lady I'm supposed to send money to, her address has 5 people living there, her name not included. Her address was a PO Box in NC. I didn't cash the check, I reported it with as much information as I knew and hopefully they will quit sometime in the near future.
    BTW...Pinecone Research (the real one) I am a member of and they do pay $3 a survey. It's a great company!

  6. I got the email and thought it was from them. I applied (address etc) but no info that isn't easily found out about me anyway. I just found out that this is a scam and they are going to be sending the check.

    I'm (Obviously) not going to cash/do anything with it. Already contacted FTC. What else would you guys recommend doing?

  7. I received a money order in the mail and I recognized it as phoney right away. I tore it up but they keep sending me emails asking me if I cashed the check. Has anybody else experience this and how long does it go on for?

  8. Anybody receive an email from a Robert Nelson

    1. Yes I got one today from Robert
      Two Checks 983 each ... I have 24 hours to get it done.. Hummmm

    2. My husband got Express Mail this morning, 2 postal money orders, $983 each. Return address on the envelope is a Wal-Mart Center in San Antonio TX and phone number is to a closed store. Goggle maps showed the address belonging to the person is false and the money orders were issued one month ago. My husband took the money orders to the post office where he was told they were fake.

      What I don't understand is this: What is in it for the person/persons sending this BS out?

    3. The instructions are likely to cash the check at YOUR bank and 'perform' secret survey action, sending money on to third party within 24 hrs for a 'bonus'. Your bank is later informed that the money-order ins invalid and you are out the money because you already forwarded it. Do you see now?

  9. Is there really anyone stupid enough to think they are checking out a western union? I have heard most everything now, holy smoke. Folks don't ever give anyone that sends spam anything unless you give them the run around, risky.

  10. My husband got an express mail envelope a couple of days ago. It was sent from a Tony Marcus in San Antonio, TX. The letter was from Robert Nelson and stated to send to someone in Istanbul, Turkey, but the 2 money orders were filled out by a Vivan Cole in Sacramento, CA - what a joke - I knew right away it was probably a scam, but my husband wanted me to take it to our attorney to make sure - I am so glad I found this post from all of you who have experienced the same thing, to verify it is a scam!

  11. I just got this one from Kelly Scott USA
    You are invited to participate in our Western Union Customer Satisfaction SurveysYou will be earning 150 USD for each survey you conductClick Here To ApplyPineCone Research™250 East 5th St. 9th Floor,Cincinnati, OH 45202PineCone Research Inc.™ Copyright 2013 © PineCone Research Foundation

  12. Got an e-mail and letter from robert nelson and the money order from another person with the same amount of $983, im glad i googled his e-mail and came across this website

  13. I win!! Robert Nelson sent me 1950.00 same M.O. from Cali to Turkey via western union. haha Glad I'm not an idiot. Sorry if you were. Ummm Google, it saves lives and money.

  14. I got a letter from a frank plamer from castro beach but on his email sayswith this... PineCone Research LLC™250 East 5th St. 9th Floor,Cincinnati, OH 45202 with the letter of $2, 990 ...... ya I was stupid enough to believe this beacauseI heard of the secret shopper being legit.... also i should have known it wasnt real wanting me to wire transfer to two women in fuckin ukrain!!!!!! . well until a few hours later I did research and seen all these and concluded I'm a idiot 20 yr old woman. I've notified the bank. Is there any way these companies can be shut down? I mean really I can't believe how many are out there.

  15. My neighbor just got this one. We were skeptical, but it doesn't say anything about sending anybody else money. I never thought about the fact that their check wouldn't bounce until AFTER she'd done it!

    Dear Valued Participant,

    Following the successful assessment of your information which took place couple of minutes ago, you have been selected as a secret shopper in your region (USA) to participate in this evaluation survey on Wal-Mart Stores. We strongly believe that you've got what it takes to carry out various surveys in your region and we believe we will not be disappointed.


    You are to conduct a secret survey on the nearest Wal-Mart outlet/store/shop by purchasing a RELOAD MONEY PACK CARD at the Wal-Mart outlet which will be used to complete future assignments thereby rating the services of the outlet.

    A check for "$1350.00" will be issued to you for receipt in the next 3 working days.
    Upon receipt, You are to Cash The Check
    Your Compensation is "$150.00" on this assignment.
    You are then to proceed to the Wal-Mart store to purchase two(2) RELOAD MONEY PAK CARDS of $900.00 and $300.00 respectively.
    Pick up a MoneyPak from the Prepaid Product Section or Green Dot display and take it to the register. The cashier will collect your cash and load it onto the MoneyPak.

    Please visit to locate the closest Walmart outlet/store/shop to you.

    MoneyPak is available at all Wal-Mart stores nationwide.

    How to rate the chosen Wal-Mart outlet/shop/store's services.

    You are the rate the Wal-Mart outlet/store/shop services by simply observing and recording these parameters below.

    Outlet/Store's Address:
    Time of the day:
    Appearance of the attendant:
    Time taken to complete your request:
    Number of staffs present in outlet/store/shop at the moment:
    Future improvements you would like to see:

    Kindly Click Here or Reply this e-mail to Confirm your current Mailing Address:


    Thank You,

  16. Received email from Payroll Management, Inc. offering to pay $1500/month for two hours work/week. Weirdly, the reply to address was 250 East 5th St. 9th Floor,
    Cincinnati, OH 45202 USA, the same address used in the 'Pine Cone Research' scam. Phone # 909-575-1989 is in California. Almost went for it until I found this website!

  17. Why do losers fall for this obvious crap? People need to get skills and learn things to make money the right way.

  18. Just received a check from Pine Cone Research in the amount of 1200 and it's a cashier check. I have done surveys with Pine Cone for years. However, haven't participated in one of their surveys for over 2 years. So how is it that I have received a cashier's check from Pine Cone? Humm!! Address is Cincinnati,but post mark is in New York. Wow!!! Can these scammers be jailed?