Hello, I havent received your response since I sent a letter to you. I guess you didnt receive it
Attached to this email is the same letter I sent you, read and reply back immediately

Attachment is in HTML code, which could open just about anything, don't open it.


  1. Just opened a letter in my spam email today about this guy. He/She don't even use good English, and he's a lawyer?
    I didn't and won't answer.
    But, just about anyone can get into one's computer these days. Oh well . . .

  2. These are crazy people, I reported it to spasm. I pray that no one believes this kinda junk.

  3. Yes, I too noticed his pronoun-antecedent error and didn't even open, just deleted. Obviously English is this moron's second language.

  4. Ha I'm a Million AIR! LOL I got my Email also, 2 Million Dollars is just waiting for me. All I have to do is send Mr. Barr: Christopher Stafford (who died in 1924?) My Banking information,My Job info, Adress, Phone Etc... you get the picture? It's really official with a long address from the United Nations(FBI/IMF assisted Programme)RIGHT!!!

    Signed: "Buckwheat" OH TAA!

  5. Got it to and subject was urgent response needed baaabyyyyyy. I'm a bloke haha load of shit!

  6. He told me I won 7.5million and ask for my email adress phone number and my mobile phone nothing else