The stock to watch‏

Would you be interested in getting $30,000 next week? Are you able invest
$3400 into a super-nova stock? VND B has gained 400%. Their competiton is
valued at $3.44 at this time. Vendum inc is a battery manufacturer for
mobiles and gadgets, a $63 billion business.

Vendum reached $1.20 in May 2010. Back then the price went up for the same
reason it is up this week. Vendum will probably have $315 million worth of
battaries sold. Which means overwhelming ROI for the investors!

Date: Jul 30
Stock: VND B
Last Trade: $0.05
8-Day Target: .62

Buy $3400 of VND B on Monday Jul 30. Give a call to your broker or use your
own online trading account (*Ameritrade or similair).

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